“Before I came here I was a heavy drug user. Now I’ve totally changed my life. I’m sober, and I’m happy. If I wasn’t here I’d probably be dead. They’ve helped me fix myself and get a job. I’m in a good place.”



“Being here at Liberty has saved my life. It has taught me how to live sober, get back into society and be stable.”



“I really enjoy how warm and comforting it is here, everyone pulls together as a family. We come from different paths in life but it’s really nice to be able to share a beautiful warm comforting home surrounded with so much love and understanding that it truly does help you move forward on your path to sobriety. The location is incredible you couldn’t get any better than this, and the staff are here at all times and are always willing to help you through anything, and I mean anything. They take one on one time with you when you need it, we have group meetings where we discuss things in our lives, goals that we want to achieve and it helps make the goal a reality. I really do not know where I would be in my path had I not come here. I would recommend this place 10+ stars. I love it here.”



“The staff are the most loving, caring, beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life. They not only give me a place to live and be safe, they also help in any way we will let them. They help us stay strong, and if there’s something we need they can’t help with they’ll find someone who can. It’s the best sober living house anyone could be blessed to step into. I am sober and I am happy.”



“The opportunity to be here has changed my life. I’ve been through treatment, I have some where safe to live, I’ve been able to obtain full time employment, maintain my own vehicle, obtain car insurance and most importantly remain sober. I’ve also been able to rebuild my relationships with my children, parents and siblings. This has all given me the confidence to begin the journey to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be.”



“The girls in the recovery residence are really kind and supportive. It got me off the streets so I am not homeless and I don’t go back to the same environments that I was in before. Sober living has given me a chance to start a new life so I can get a job and save up money to get out of debt. I now have structure in my life so I can attend my outpatient programs every day and get the help that I need to be clean and sober. No drug use is tolerated here and we’re tested regularly and I’m thankful for that. We’re open with one another and have house meetings so we know where we’re each at and can support each other. I am truly thankful for our sober living house so I am not forced to live elsewhere where there’s drug use and worse.

Thank you for all your help, guidance and support.”



“I’ve been here for a month and I love it. It’s a safe place for my memory, some good and some bad, to come back and be dealt with. I have progressed a lot in the little time I’ve been here. The supportive environment allows me to reintegrate myself out of my old life and into my new one. I’m so grateful that I’m here and that I am so well taken care of.”



“This is an amazing place. The staff are amazing and deserve the best recognition that anyone can give them. For anyone that wants a life of sobriety in a caring environment this is the best place.”


Cody Greenland
Cody Greenland
17:34 13 Feb 20
My experience at liberty was a life changing. I learned to open my heart and be open to change. From the time I walked... in there was spirt in the home that words cant explain. All the staff showed compassion and love and had my best interest at heart. There isnt anywhere else I would recommend for for level of care that I have received.read more
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales
19:40 12 Nov 19
My story of "A Bed or a Bullet"I cannot convey how deep my appreciation for the light and power that is coursing... through me right now. My higher power a strong light growing everyday still. Thank you God for introducing me to Liberty Addiction Recovery Center and Staff in Bluffdale UTAH. For all that I feel would not be. I came in on a call with Rodger was asked why i felt i should be in a bed to which I replied tearfully "Well I'm either going to find a bed or a bullet" Thank you Rodger for hearing my cry for life!!!! I have had a major change in my aura and life due to the Strong Staff and management of this wonderful home!! 🙂 I came in a complete wreck after attempting to detox. And through the course of opening up to hear what others thought of where I was in life, How i was in life and, willingness to change. I was cared for loved and brought through a process to begin loving myself again. I'm ready to live Life again. I am so grateful for my life and I thank God first, Liberty Recovery 2nd and of course myself for being willing. Thank you so much for an opportunity to LIVE!read more
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