At Liberty, our mentor-led rehab program is designed to build peer-to-peer connections that empower stronger recovery. In our opinion, two people who share a struggle with addiction have an empathetic bond that can enable the life changes that are necessary for treatment. This forges a bond that is difficult to replicate anywhere else in life. That’s why we help foster these strong bonds into lasting relationships with our mentor network.

mentor-led rehab

Mentoring Groups

Group therapy is a tool that is used at nearly every trustworthy addiction recovery center. Typically, a group therapy session consists of a group of peer patients (who are recovering addicts) and a group leader. Oftentimes, this group leader is a therapist, but many programs have group sessions that are led by a member who has been going through the program. This is important because a mentor can function as a peer who has been through what everyone in the group is going through.

This provides individuals in the group with the opportunity to see a recovered addict as a role model who is living and thriving beyond recovery. The mentor has been through what they’ve been through (or at least has been through something similar). They can relate to what they are currently going through. The drive behind their mentorship comes from a place of empathy. And, perhaps most importantly, they serve as a symbol of proof to those in treatment that recovery really is possible.

mentor-led rehab

Building Lasting Relationships in Recovery

Mentor-led rehab groups of specific treatment centers continuously meet up for events and group sessions. Mentor networks build connections that last a lifetime and brotherhood/sisterhood that continually helps build each other up. There are several benefits that come with a mentor program.

  • Inherent accountability between the mentoring network.
  • A smoother transition from inpatient or outpatient care to a continuing care recovery program.
  • Continuous access to addiction recovery educational resources that can be helpful throughout the life of a recovered addict.
  • Warranties and support that help prevent relapse, or minimize the impact of a relapse.
  • Development of lifelong friendships.
  • Enables a goal-based transition from addiction rehab to a daily routine.
  • Opportunities for fulfilling volunteer services.

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