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Cocaine is one of the most popular illicit substances you can get on the market. Derived from coca leaves in South America, it was originally utilized as a painkiller, but quickly become a potent drug that creates a heightened feeling of energy and euphoria. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that can be snorted, ingested, or injected, depending on which form the user takes.

The High of Cocaine

Cocaine Addiction is nothing to take lightly, it can easily move past a “party drug” onto a reliance that can take ahold of your day-to-day life.

Before we begin, here is an explanation of how cocaine works:
Once cocaine reaches the brain, it increases the release of dopamine and prevents it from being recycled so it builds up in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for the sensation of pleasure. The drastic increase of dopamine in the brain inhibits other processes from functioning which causes damage to the brain and the rest of the body. A cocaine high lasts for a shorter amount of time than that of other stimulants, like meth. Those who use cocaine must take another dose more often in order to maintain a high. As they build up a tolerance to the drug, they need to take more to produce the same effects, which leads to increased dependency.

Side Effects of Cocaine Use

Side effects associated with cocaine use include loss of sense of smell, trouble swallowing, and nose bleeds when it is snorted. When it is ingested, cocaine slows the flow of blood in the gastrointestinal system which can cause bowel gangrene. Injecting cocaine puts users at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Those who are suffering from a cocaine addiction have reported experiencing paranoia and auditory hallucinations.

Why Salt Lake City residents reach out to Liberty Addiction for cocaine addiction treatment

Liberty Addiction is located in bluffdale, Salt Lake City and offers a detailed list of addiction treatment services such as the addiction to cocaine. Our caring and professional staff understand that addiction treatment is different for each person, addiction to cocaine is also not something you might want everyone knowing about and for that reason we take our clients addiction to various substances with the upmost care but most importantly we keep everything confidential.

The inpatient facility offers people looking to recover or begin their recovery to cocaine work-friendly-hours so you can keep your job and get the treatment you need.

Seek Cocaine Rehab Treatment at Liberty

Withdrawal from cocaine addiction is difficult and comes with its own set of health risks. There is no self-medication that can be used to effectively treat cocaine withdrawal, and those who need to break this dependency should seek treatment at a rehabilitation facility. At Liberty Recovery, our cocaine rehab program is designed to help a person kick their dependency in a safe and lasting way. We provide comprehensive treatment so that a person can undergo detoxification, rehab, and aftercare all at the same recovery center.

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