Alcohol Rehab Salt Lake City, Utah

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States, in large part because of how accessible it is. The alcohol rehab program at Liberty is built to help alcoholics find a tangible path to lasting recovery. From our free intervention mediation services to our intensive 5-year plan to maintain sobriety that we make for all of our patients, we provide clear alcohol rehab steps that bring hope and motivation to the recovery process.

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How Does Alcohol “Work”?

Alcohol “works” by being absorbed into the bloodstream by small blood vessels in the digestive system. It then travels to the brain, where it slows down the nerve cells. The alcohol will also be carried to the liver via the bloodstream, and the liver metabolizes the alcohol into a nontoxic substance. However, the liver can only metabolize so much alcohol, leading to a higher BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) the more alcohol you drink.

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Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Many people begin drinking for one of the following three reasons: social pressure, self-medication, and to have a good time.

Social Pressure
Drinking is a social activity. Many people in our society go out on the weekend to drink together. Often, people have their first drink as a result of pressure from friends, family, and coworkers. It also is something that has become ‘normalized’ in the media. It would seem that everyone drinks, and to fit in, one must also consume alcohol.

Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism
Unfortunately, many people use alcohol to self-medicate their problems. People begin drinking because they feel lonely, depressed, bored, or stressed, and they begin using alcohol to temporarily escape from their lives. However, as people “drink their worries away,” they typically exasperate the problem, and they begin to feel guilty for drinking so much or to have lower self-esteem due to their alcoholism.

Using Alcohol “To Have a Good Time”
Due to social pressure and the way drinking is represented in the media, many people begin drinking in attempts to loosen up, have fun, and to enjoy themselves more. Alcohol does initially trigger the release of endorphins, but the more you drink, the more likely your natural reward system will become damaged and even “natural” highs will become less pleasurable.

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Alcohol Rehab Salt Lake City, Utah

Getting the help you, or your loved one requires is the most important thing you can do to begin the process of recovery from the reliance on alcohol. As a leading, caring, professional alcohol rehabilitation center located in Utah, Salt Lake City – Liberty Addiction and Recovery Centers are here to support you on your journey, weather you are a client or a caring friend or family member, we are with you all the way.

Get Help from Alcohol Addiction

When a person has abused alcohol for a prolonged period of time, they have likely established a physical and mental dependency to it. Because of this, the risk of seizures and other medical issues during alcohol withdrawal is quite high. This highlights the need to begin treatment with a detoxification process that is conducted and supervised by trained medical professionals.

If you are in serious need of help getting over a drinking problem or know somebody who is, then don’t hesitate to contact Liberty. We provide an all-in-one alcohol rehab experience that helps our patients through a comprehensive experience from detoxification, to inpatient treatment, to continuous aftercare programs. Give our caring team a call today to see what programs are available to you!

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