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The idea of relapsing is a terrifying one. Addicts who seek help from a professional or whose loved ones have urged them to get treatment, work hard to find the person they once were, before addiction. That self-discovery takes time, energy, and patience. It’s beyond unfortunate that many who are well on the road to recovery, or those who have left the care of rehab, fall back into their dangerous habits; ultimately relapse on a substance. It can take several attempts before recovery is long-lasting and fruitful.

comprehensive addiction treatment mentoring

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Liberty aims to break the cycle of addiction—recovery—relapse. Your access to our programs shouldn’t end just because you are ready to leave us. That’s why, with Liberty, those who leave our program, ready to face the challenges of an independent lifestyle, are considered our Alumni. As such, those who been through our program are part of the ongoing and inclusive group to prevent possible regression. Our alumni are even invited to participate in mentoring those entering our care programs.

It’s important for your loved ones to find hope once more. Through mentoring, individuals outside the program can show there is hope for long-lasting recovery, even when it seems like they can’t go on.

comprehensive addiction treatment

End-to-End Addiction Recovery

Unlike many rehab facilities in Utah, we do more than the average treatment facility. Our highly experienced staff has the necessary knowledge of what works for clients, and what doesn’t. This is why our unique, holistic approach to recovery doesn’t end just because the ones we care for are ready to leave us. Our ongoing mission is to prevent relapse. From an addict’s first step into recovery to their first step back into independence, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment to help them throughout their journey. From mentorships to a responsive mobile app, our doors are always open to those who need it.

The Support of Liberty

If you’re searching for sober living homes, or outpatient therapy for a loved one with substance abuse problems, don’t hesitate to contact Liberty today. Realizing your loved one needs professional help is the first step to getting them back on the right path. We’re here to support and care for your loved one in a safe and supportive environment that promotes their continued health and recovery.

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We’re here to help

If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff.