Intervention Questions

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a gentle confrontation of a person and their self-destructive behaviors. This is done in a non-threatening meeting and environment, by a trained professional, family, and close friends. It’s a chance to express honestly how damaging behavior is negatively affecting the lives of those close to them. If your loved one may benefit from an intervention service, contact us by clicking here or call (801) 997-9183.

What are the signs that an intervention is right for your loved one?

The first stage of recovery is understanding when an intervention may be necessary for a loved one. An intervention is commonly required when a person with substance abuse issues has lost the ability to function normally on a daily basis. The signs that a person is in this position is wide-ranging but commonly includes:

  • An inability to keep up with work, school, and any other personal responsibilities due to their substance use.
  • Complete loss of interest in activities and topics they used to enjoy.
  • Resources and time spent on seeking out a dangerous substance.
  • Damage to personal and professional relationships because of substance use.
  • Inability to cease using a substance, even when risk and consequences of continuing are weighed.
  • Intense craving for a substance(s).
  • Withdrawal symptoms when use of a substance is stopped.

What intervention services do we provide at Liberty?

If you know that an intervention is necessary for a person in your life, the first step forward is contacting Liberty. Our team can help provide support, including a trained counselor to guide you through this very difficult time. We’ll start by discussing a plan of action with you for your loved one and your family. Then we’ll arrange a suitable time to meet to help motivate your loved one to seek the help they need, and present a simple step-by-step plan for their recovery.

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Residential Treatment Centers & Inpatient Services

What is Liberty’s Inpatient program?

The Liberty rehab center offers 24-hour personal care from our professional and accredited staff. Patients will receive care day and night, which means they are required to live at our center during their recovery. The treatments we provide are considered intensive, and our immersive treatment environment allows your loved one to focus solely on their addiction and recovery. Patients are able to feel removed from the stress of their daily life, putting them into a better position to fight against their issues with addiction.

What should you look for in a residential treatment center?

Not every residential treatment facility will be perfect for your loved one, however, you should always seek help from only facilities and centers that are state licensed. Other factors, such as a on-site Clinical Director who is personally state licensed; a minimum of two staff on site all times in the 24-hour residency; a treatment program with multiple one-on-one and group therapy sessions per week with a licensed clinician; balanced with experiential learning activities and personal reflection time, are all prerequisites to any quality recovery service.

What accreditation does Liberty have? What accreditation does staff have?

  • Supervising Medical Doctor has been a licensed medical officer in the addiction field for almost 30 years. He is uniquely certified in internal medicine, psychiatry and addiction medicine. Board Certified – General Psychiatry (Cert # 44692); Board Certified – Addiction Medicine (Cert# 2012204); Internal Medicine (Dual residency Internal Med, Psych); UDOPL Physician/Surgeon.
  • Clinical Director has a Ph.d in Marriage, family counseling and substance abuse; plus a Masters in same field.
  • Executive director is a qualified Substance Abuse Disorder Councillor and accredited probation officer.

How many therapy sessions are provided each week? How many are one-on-one sessions and why is this important?

Individual therapy sessions are carefully considered on a case-by-case basis but will consist of however many sessions our licensed doctors and psychologists feel is right for the patient. Our rehab program includes individual therapy, as well as group therapy, and other complementary therapies, such as medication.

What amount of supervision is a patient under? Can they leave whenever they want?

In our inpatient programs, patients are monitored 24-hours. This is important to ensure the safety and comfort of each person in our care. To provide a truly immersive environment, housing, and programs, we do require those in our inpatient programs to live entirely at our facility. This means there is less flexibility within a daily schedule and restricted contact with the outside world during the treatment.

Is the facility mix-gendered?

Liberty treatment facilities are mixed gender in order to assist individuals to heal within an environment that mirrors that world that they will need to return to. For the safety and comfort of each patient, Liberty has separate floors for each gender, with access to each floor being only by digital door locks. This helps those in our care focus on their recovery, pursue mutual goals, and safely address sometimes difficult topics.

What medical care is provided?

We provide care from the beginning of a patient’s journey to well after they leave us. This includes supervised medical detox, therapy, appropriate medications given after medical assessments, and medical care in outpatient if directed by the supervising doctor to continue to aid the patient to become fully independent of medication.

How will your family be involved during recovery?

At Liberty, we believe the support of one’s family is vitally important to a full and successful recovery. We provide opportunities to family members to become involved in the recovery process, when appropriate. You’ll be informed of your loved one’s treatment plan, be given resources to better understand what they are current therapies they are undergoing.

Most importantly you will receive advice and guidance from our licensed staff on healing strategies for you and your entire family, as well as to assist your loved one in their recovery. Our services are designed to meet the needs of the entire family, so everyone can work as a team toward an addict’s rehabilitation.

What does treatment modalities mean?

Our goal is to help individuals recognize the underlying causes of addiction. This can be done successfully by identifying and assessing the potential co-occurring mental health issues that exist alongside addiction. All persons in our care are evaluated by medical professionals to determine if other mental health issues should be treated during addiction recovery. Treatment modalities available at Liberty are numerous and wide-ranging, including common types of therapy (individual and group therapies) and Rational Recovery Programs.

Does Liberty offer a 12-step program?

Yes. We give patients the opportunity to participate in various traditional 12-step programs, including programs focused on alcohol addiction (AA), addiction to narcotics (NA), gambling (GA), and a Latter-Day Saints (LDS) 12-step program. We also offer an alternative to a typical 12-step program, such as SMART Recovery (Scientific Alternative to 12-Steps), and Rational Recovery (Rational Alternative to 12-Steps). Want more information about the different programs and modalities?

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Are recreational activities allowed during recovery?

Individuals in our care are given opportunities to engage in various safe recreational activities. This includes everything from art therapy and music therapy to rock climbing and nature walks. The activities can help a patient refocus their energies in a positive way as well as expand their experiential learning.


What level of support is given to those who’ve finished the Liberty program?

Leaving Liberty doesn’t mean leaving our system of support entirely. The support given by the Liberty team is lifelong. All Alumni are part of an ongoing and inclusive program. We aim to break the cycle of recovery and relapse. To prevent possible regression, we’re here for every Alumni whenever they need us.

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We’re here to help

If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff.