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  • Liberty addiction and recovery has been the best place! This was my first time in treatment and it was amazing!!

    Lindsay Moore Avatar Lindsay Moore

    Sign up! It's a good place. Nothing wrong with it. I learned a lot of things about selfishness, tolerance, patience, sobriety, worthiness. I learned what's expected of myself, what I... read more

    Anson Manning Avatar Anson Manning

    I am so blessed I had the opportunity to come to Liberty! The staff there is so amazing. They were so easy to get along with. Constance is one of... read more

    jesssica madsen Avatar jesssica madsen
  • Liberty and the staff are amazing. I have found so much peace in my life from this program. Every single staff member cares about you and is there when needed.... read more

    Flyfishing801 Avatar Flyfishing801

    Very skilled and caring staff. They have a great connection with there clients and care about the recovery of the clients. The house is well maintained and spacious. The therapist... read more

    tyler patterson Avatar tyler patterson

    Coming out of prison this house is exactly what I needed. The staff here really care and the therapists are amazing, my therapist Courtney Baker got me through things i... read more

    Michael Price Avatar Michael Price
  • this experience has been an enlightening, self reflective, joyful experience. the staff are incredible the therapists are incredible and everyone is very close as though we are a real family.... read more

    Brie Barrick Avatar Brie Barrick

    The level of professionalism and true compassion by the Liberty Addiction team is unparalleled to any other. I cannot express enough my gratitude towards Rodger, Mallory and Constance in... read more

    Lynda Perry Avatar Lynda Perry

    Excellent rehab for anyone. The staff and owners are amazing and truly care about everyone’s recovery. They have excellent counselors, on staff, that are always available. I would recommend Liberty... read more

    Chris McDonald Avatar Chris McDonald
  • As parents of a son who was in active addiction, we were beyond grateful to have found Liberty. Roger went above and beyond to allow our son the opportunity... read more

    Jill M Avatar Jill M

    I went to this place in August a full blown alcoholic! Not thinking there was any chance of fixing the problem.. well after liberty I'm 6 months clean and couldn't... read more

    Barry Casey Avatar Barry Casey

    Such great people here. The compassion and understanding the owners and house manager have is above and beyond what you expect.

    Erin Stearns Avatar Erin Stearns
  • I appreciate every staff member in this program. The therapist is awesome and I had the best experience here especially with the therapeutic environment. I love my liberty family!

    Shianne Curry Avatar Shianne Curry

    shout out to Courtney! EMDR was very helpful in my recovery i am such a fan! this treatment facility has been the most amazing place i have ever had the... read more

    Candice Haslam Avatar Candice Haslam

    Liberty has helped me to learn people skills, identify thinking errors, recognize ego defense mechanisms, to think before I react to anything, and most importantly, how to be open, honest,... read more

    Codi Halladay Avatar Codi Halladay

Welcome to Liberty Rehab Centers in Utah

Detox Placement, Residential Treatment, IOP, Sober Living and More

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We Get to the Root of the Problem

Giving You Tools to Succeed in Recovery

Addiction often stems from underlying issues, with trauma being a primary factor for many individuals. Traumatic experiences can leave deep emotional scars, influencing behavior and coping mechanisms, which may lead to substance abuse as an escape or self-medication. Understanding the profound connection between trauma and addiction is crucial for effective treatment.

At Liberty Rehab Centers in Utah, we recognize the impact of trauma on the journey to addiction. Our approach addresses the core of these issues through specialized trauma-informed care. We employ evidence-based therapies that heal emotional wounds, foster resilience, and promote long-term recovery. Our compassionate team is trained to support clients in processing their trauma safely, enabling them to break free from the cycle of addiction and move towards a healthier future.

If you are suffering from:

Liberty Addiction Recovery Centers are here for you, or your loved one. You can call us on (801) 997-9183 or use our contact form here.

Facilities for Lasting Recovery

A Safe Place for Lasting Recovery

Lasting recovery and a joyful, sustainable future are rooted in the stability and support that nurture the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Providing continuous, dependable care beyond a single treatment cycle is vital for a full recovery and flourishing life.

Liberty Rehab Centers in Utah offers spacious comfort in residential settings, designed with care to promote a welcoming atmosphere. After completing intensive residential treatment, clients transition to supportive outpatient therapy to reinforce positive behaviors and habits. Our affordable recovery program provides both a haven and a community, featuring ongoing counseling, support, accountability, and encouragement.

For anyone battling addiction, our drug rehab in Utah is a beacon of hope, transforming recovery from a mere possibility to a lasting reality. Please reach out to our compassionate and knowledgeable team at (801) 997-9183

We are here to help.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff. Liberty Addiction Recovery Center is certified with both Psychology Today and The Joint Commission.

What Makes Us Different?

The Support to Succeed

At Liberty, we want to help you soar higher and fly further than you ever have before.

Our comprehensive approach helps every one of our clients to heal, prevent relapse with their own unique set of coping tools, and the vision and motivation to create lives that thrive.

At Liberty Rehab Centers in Utah, we get to the root of the problem causing the addiction and once the intensive treatment and initial recovery is complete, we then help our clients to begin to soar, discovering what they are passionate about, setting lifetime plans and goals, connecting them with education and upskilling opportunities, and opening doors to careers through Liberty Employment Connections.

And with a 93% post-treatment recovery rate in our sober homes after twelve months, we know we can help you or your loved one to fly, again, so if you are looking for a rehab center in Utah – we’d love to show you around our wonderful facility.

Are you or a loved one grappling with addiction? Discover a new lease on life at our premier drug rehab Utah, where recovery is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Meet the Team

roger williams

Roger Williams

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Courtney Baker, LCSW

Clinical Director
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dr joel hanson

Dr. Joel Hanson, MD

Chief Medical Officer
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Bridger Ogden, SUDC

Bridger Ogden, SUDC

Outpatient Director
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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Utah

Our alcohol and drug rehab in utah is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Our Addiction Recovery Center is a haven for individuals grappling with alcohol and drug dependencies, guiding them on the road to recovery.

We believe that everyone deserves a second chance at life. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation programs. With us, you’ll find more than just treatment; you’ll discover a sanctuary of support, compassion, and professional expertise.

Our approach is holistic, embracing the complexity of addiction. We address not only the physical dependencies but also the psychological, emotional, and social aspects that come with it. Our team of seasoned professionals and medical experts are here to empower you to regain control of your life.

Our evidence-based therapies range from individual counseling to group activities, all designed to cultivate resilience and self-confidence. We combine innovative techniques with proven traditional methods to ensure a well-rounded and effective recovery experience.

Take the first step towards your new life today. Join us at our alcohol and drug rehab utah, where hope begins and healing happens. Together, we’ll embark on this journey towards a healthier, brighter, addiction-free future.

Liberty Recovery Center

What Makes Liberty Recovery Center Different?

There are many Utah treatment centers to choose from, but not all are created equal. Liberty Recovery Center goes beyond traditional short-term treatments by offering lifelong support, ensuring individuals have the resources and guidance they need long after their initial recovery phase. By extending the runway of addiction treatment, we prioritize sustained healing and relapse prevention. This continuous support system underscores our commitment to the enduring well-being and success of every individual they serve.

Drug and Addiction Recovery in Utah

Utah has several rehab centers, but what sets Liberty Addiction Recovery apart is our commitment to personalized care. Whether you’re looking for an alcohol detox in Utah or a drug treatment center in Utah, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Explore our rehab center in Utah.

Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Many individuals battling addiction also face mental health challenges. Our team is skilled in treating co-occurring disorders, ensuring a comprehensive recovery process. Our team of seasoned professionals and medical experts is dedicated to empowering you to regain control of your life.

Why Choose Liberty Addiction Recovery?

Selecting the ideal rehab center is crucial. At Liberty Addiction Recovery, we guide you in defining your recovery goals, choosing between residential or outpatient settings, and finding the right program duration. Located in the Salt Lake City area, we offer specialized treatments tailored to individual needs. With a focus on accessibility, we assist with insurance navigation to ensure quality care for all. At Liberty, we’re more than a rehab facility; we’re your partner in lifelong well-being.

Insurance Accepted

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality care. That’s why we accept a range of insurance plans, ensuring our services are accessible to as many individuals as possible. We are in-network with SelectHealth, Cigna, Aetna, EMI Health, United Healthcare, U Health Plans, Molina Healthcare, UMR, Health Medicaid, and BlueCross BlueShield.

We use a variety of treatment modalities to give our patients a complete recovery experience. This multifaceted approach helps us improve outcomes and tangibly reduce the rate of relapse. Using evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, we yield healthy and positive results for our clients. Looking for quality alcohol and drug rehab in Utah? Liberty Addiction Recovery Centers provides comprehensive, evidence-based treatments to help clients achieve long-lasting recovery and a brighter future.