Life Visioning & Goal Setting

When those struggling with addiction finish their treatment, their immediate question might be, “what now?” Planning life after addiction recovery can be daunting, but rebuilding your life and career are important when forging a new and meaningful path for yourself. It doesn’t just take resilience, or knowledge to find this path, it takes power and motivation to make it happen. At Liberty, our program offers intensive life and career planning and goal setting. We’ll help you identify your skills and passions, plan for a healthy future, and help you achieve your overall goals.

life after addiction recovery career planning

Career Planning

Before a patient is ready to fully transition back into independent living, they’ll go through the process of career planning. Stability means many things, and for a recovering addict, finding work can boost self-esteem and create independence. Often times with substance abuse comes a myriad of behavioral concerns. Much of the hard work individuals put into learning social skills is taken away by addiction. Planning for independence involves rehabilitation, rebuilding and re-educating for a new life. Motivation is a key component to make any plan a reality. Having a dream to succeed independently isn’t enough. It’s a person’s motivation that lifts them up again; it’s their fuel to fly.

life after addiction recovery goal setting

Goal Setting

Setting goals for the future can seem overwhelming, but it also fosters the power of intention. As your loved one get closer to experiencing a new life outside of our residence, their optimism can at times be overshadowed by stress. Burnout can happen quickly if a recovering addict overextends themselves. However, with the power to continue believing in the journey, any goal can be reached.

Ideally, when a person leaves our care, they’ll have the skill of setting goals that strike a balance between obtainable and challenging. In our program, planning for the future includes a “plan of action” that helps keep an individual from relapse. We motivate each client to create a 5-year plan in which they visualize their goals and look toward the future. Happiness and freedom are completely possible, it’s the acceptance of this and the hard work to follow that make it happen.

Envisioning a Better Life After Addiction Recovery

At Liberty, we’re dedicated to providing a space for those struggling to experience support, find personal responsibility, and reflect. If you or a loved one seek the long-term goal of a drug-free life, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help you through every stage of recovery, from therapy to life planning. The staff at Liberty can help you find a new and better way to survive and thrive.

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