Opioid Rehab Utah

Opioids, or painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percodan, are the most commonly abused prescription drugs. These drugs can produce life-saving effects to those who have chronic pain or at least make a debilitating condition more manageable, but they can also produce life-threatening results. Prescription opioids are often referred to as gateway drugs, as people who have a dependency on these drugs will often turn to harder and cheaper street drugs in the future, such as heroin.

Short-Term Prescription Opioid Abuse

The immediate effects that one starts to notice after abusing prescription opioids can be drowsiness, slowed breathing, and potentially unconsciousness. These drugs create a feeling of lethargy, due to their impact on tampering your nervous system. Prescription opioids can also cause nausea and will affect your digestive system. As such, using these opioids may result in vomiting and diarrhea.

When Is The Best Time To Seek Opioid Rehab?

The best time always depends on you, or the person you care for. It might be after numerous relapses or perhaps the first sign of an addiction to Opioids, painkillers, oxycontin or vicodin.

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Long-Term Prescription Opioid Abuse

The long-term effects that one experiences from chronic prescription opioid abuse can vary, depending on the specific drug. However, some common occurrences are liver damage, which can potentially lead to liver failure. Chronic abuse will also lead to an increase in the risk of a heart attack. What’s especially damaging, though, is that your body will develop a physical dependence, which means that you cannot safely stop using opioids. In this case, an addict will need to use detoxification services to get clean.

Seeking Opioid Rehab Treatment

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