Healing Mind, Body, & Spirit

There are so many important aspects involved in a successful recovery. Yet one of the best ways to have successful rehab therapy and ensure long-term sobriety is to focus on all aspects of healing — including the mind, body and spirit. Here’s a look at why holistic healing matters:

rehab therapy for the mind


From poor self-esteem to guilt and shame and depression and anxiety, addiction can cause and/or be accompanied by a host of mental health issues. This is especially true if you’re struggling with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder. What’s more, caring for your mental health and getting a handle on the many emotions of recovery can help to prevent relapse and enable you to better cope with the stressors of sober life.


Substance use disorder and the toxins that you put into your body during active addiction take a major toll on your physical health. This can include vitamin deficiencies and low immunity as well as skin, dental, heart, lung issues and more. Part of re-energizing and healing the body from addiction is incorporating proper nutrition and regular exercise into a comprehensive rehab therapy recovery program.

rehab therapy for the body
rehab therapy for the spirit


Spiritual health is key to recovery, regardless of how you define your “higher power.” Whether you spend time in nature, practice gratitude, meditate, or engage in the 12-step program, embracing your spiritual side will allow you to better strengthen your core beliefs and self-esteem, as well as create invaluable positive energy for your new sober life.

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