Resources and Addiction Tests


Oftentimes, people who suffer from addiction fail to recognize the effect that it is having on their lives, and may not even believe that they have a problem at all. Please take our test below if you are curious whether your behavior or a loved one’s behavior could classify as addiction.

Few challenges in life are as trying as watching a loved one battle with addiction. The most valuable tool you have in those times is knowledge. Educating yourself about addiction is the first step to take to help the person you love in their journey to recovery.

To help in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of addiction resources that we believe are valuable for families of individuals who suffer from addiction. Feel free to browse these resources below!


Free application for your smartphone or computer to help you plan and practice conversations with your child about drinking.

Insight into the book, How to Raise A Drug-Free Kid, evidence-based strategies for staying engaged with your child and how to prevent him/her from trying drugs or alcohol.

Six positive parenting practices including how to build relationships; handling stress; setting boundaries; and conversations on substance abuse.

Factors that may contribute to teen substance use; how to talk to your child about drugs, prevention strategies; warning signs of substance abuse; and how to seek help.


The 20 Minute Guide is a FREE resource for parents about how they can help change their children’s substance use.

The 20 Minute Guide is a FREE resource for partners about how they can help change their loved one’s substance use.

Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First – Free online handbook with 25 ways to cope with and help loved ones deal with addiction.

Powerful & free online interactive help for dealing with addiction in a child or a partner, with over 20 scenarios played out to better deal with likely situations.

Better understand addiction and mental health with dozens of well-researched articles in everyday language, ranging from “Anxiety” to “Youth and abuse of prescription medication.”

Connect with other parents dealing with the challenge and pain of addiction. Parents Against Drugs & Alcohol Moms United Against Drugs

Over 100 free podcasts for parents of youth struggling with addiction. Topics include Anxiety; Boundaries; Addictive Thinking; Control vs Influence; Blame and Accountability; Talking About Drugs.

Evoke Therapy Programs App on iTunes.

A free toolkit to help you or a loved one cope with times when the pressures get too much and anxiety levels start rising.

Free meetings and support for families with a loved one with an addiction to alcohol; based on the AA 12 step program.

Meetings and support for teens who have a parent or loved one suffering from alcoholism.

A nationwide organization helping families with members who have mental health challenges.

Hundreds of support organizations across America offering support for families and sufferers of all types of addiction and mental health challenges.

Help for families dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction or PTSD.

Help for parents with teens engaging in underage drinking.

How to assist and cope during a holiday season with a loved one suffering from addiction.

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If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff.