Education Connections

For successful long-term recovery, residents should be able to leave our facility with the confidence they need to achieve both their life and career goals. At Liberty “College,” we offer assistance in both life and career goal setting and planning, as well as assistance with accessing grants for tuition.

Recovery support with an educational base is designed to help individuals find a purpose, set goals and envision their life outside the program. Your loved one will achieve their educational goals while rebalancing their emotional, social, and physical well-being; all of which are needed to help support recovery.

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The Importance of Education to Recovery

Education is an important part of the recovery process, and unlike other facilities in Utah, we place an emphasis on healing not only the body through a holistic approach but the mind as well. Education is important to recovery, but even more so is the ability to set goals for oneself. The journey to recovery is fraught with tough moments. By mapping out education pathways and creating a vision for their lives, those suffering from addiction can identify the skills they’ve been building over their time with us. Our goal is to help those in our care realize the skills, passions, and aspirations that have been hiding under the surface.

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Education Connections & Vocational Training

To help promote lasting recovery, our education assistance can help enhance a patient’s life prospects after they leave our facility. Liberty believes in an “end-to-end” recovery service. From detox to sober living, from vocational education pathways to job placement. The path to clarity may not always be easy to follow. However, it’s essential for those recovering to recognize where they were when they came to us, and where they need to be to achieve their goals. When a client begins to free themselves of their addictions, they’re more able to pursue emotional and literal education.

Positive Change through Vocational Rehab

Relapsing is a major concern when battling substance abuse and addiction. The cycle of recovery back to use is more common than we want to believe. Break that cycle by taking the necessary precautions to veer of this dangerous path. Help yourself by making positive changes to avoid relapse, like putting energy into your educational development. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Liberty today.

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If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff.