Sober or Recovery Homes

Separating an addict from their current living situation is often crucial for recovery to even begin. A sober living home provides a substance-free living environment for those currently struggling with addiction but looking for a new path. Unlike the traditional halfway home, a sober living residence doesn’t have a strict limit on how long a resident can stay. Sometimes transitions take 12 months, but some journeys may be longer. Addiction recovery is gradual, and so to should the transition from rehabilitation to independent living.

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The Benefits of a Sober Living Home

Liberty Sober Living homes provide a safe space for addicts to fight off their addictions, giving the patient a chance to educate themselves, rebuild harmony, and discover personal accountability. The overall goal for each person in our care is the eventuality of long-term recovery without relapse. Whether this means the patient is going back to live with family, or to live on their own, they’ll have the tools to approach life in a new and healthy way.

utah sober living home

Recovery House

Liberty Sober Living has spacious, comfortable sober living homes that will put residents at ease as they make their new home there. Creating a place for healing is never easy, but we understand the challenge that faces the addicts in our care. Under the supervision of our experienced staff, each individual will have the chance to let go of their toxic choices within safe and supportive walls.

Although some of our clients require unique care to keep their employment and use our services on their off-hours, most will find themselves living in our sober homes for the duration of their treatment. No more being forced to move around from facility to facility. With Liberty, you’re able to stay in one place, giving you the peace of mind that your way back to wellness will never be interrupted.

Why Liberty Sober Living?

Recovery homes are not all created equal. Many facilities don’t provide the sort of atmosphere that allows for the serious reflection needed during recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and needs residential addiction treatment, call us today. We can help you and your family find hope again.

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If you have any questions at all about our programs or what we can do to help you or a loved one start the journey to lasting recovery and creating a life that thrives, please reach out to our exceptional Liberty staff.