Meth is a synthetic substance mixed from amphetamine and other chemicals. Cold and flu drugs are often used to produce meth. Meth is sometimes mixed with dangerous substances such as battery acid, drain cleaner, and antifreeze. Some street names for the drug are meth, chalk, ice, stovetop, Mexican crack, redneck cocaine, crank, glass, speed, and crystal.

The High of Methamphetamine

Meth is one of the most addictive drugs, while also being one of the most dangerous. It is a stimulant that creates a burst of energy in the user but at a terrible cost. After use, meth users will experience a dangerous crash which includes physically and mentally debilitating effects. The rush of methamphetamine abuse creates a cycle of abuse in its users that is difficult to break

The Effects of Meth Abuse

Short term effects include: loss of appetite, increased heart rate, dilation of pupils, disrupted sleep, nausea, bizarre and erratic behavior, hallucinations, irritability, hyper-excitability, panic, psychosis, seizures, and even death. Long term effects include damaged lungs, kidneys, and liver, permanent damage to the blood vessels in the heart and brain, high blood pressure, disease, malnutrition, tooth decay, depression, psychosis, confusion, and death.

Helping a loved one or family member get treatment for meth addiction

Is your family member, spouse or loved one is addicted to meth (methamphetamines) you are probably very worried about losing them to the drug, as it’s well documented how violent the meth addiction cycle is. As we’ve documented in our blogs the complications of being addicted to meth is nothing to take lightly. You are aware something needs to be done and we’re here to help you achieve a positive result for yourself or your family or friend.


Somethings we recommend when it comes to rehab – specifically around meth rehab.
Do some research into general addiction. At this stage, you are more than likely quite informed when it comes to meth. However addiction works in general needs it’s own awareness around it, much like a serious injury, the recovery period can be lengthy, emotionally draining and requires restraint. To get a full understanding of what you or your loved one is going through the best thing to do is understand the way addiction impacts the mind.

How To Get Meth Rehab Help In Utah


If you or someone that you know struggles with meth abuse and is seeking detox, then don’t hesitate to reach out and get meth rehab help. You can learn what your best options are by calling Liberty Addiction Recovery Centers. Our caring staff will strive to find you the best way that you or a loved one can start the path to a lasting recovery.

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