Personality type illustration

There are many longstanding questions about the nature of addiction. As research continues to progress, we continue to answer more and more of these questions. But one particular question burns in people’s minds as they think about whether it can pertain to them or not: Does addiction have a personality type? There is no simple yes or no answer that can be put on the face of this question. It is much more complicated than that. Yet it is a question that lingers in thought. Am I prone to addiction? Are my loved ones more at risk because of their personality? Are my children more susceptible to becoming addicts? It is natural that we should wonder about these things. Now, here’s some information about how this may or may not be the case…

Is There a Correlation?

There are actually multiple answers to this question. For example, there are indeed different types of personalities that might be generally susceptible to any type of drug use. However, there is a more complex correlation between personality types and different types of illicit substances. For example, crack users have been shown to have personality traits that make are susceptible to depression. They have also been shown to be incredibly impulsive, which can stem from a personality of neuroticism.

What Types of Personalities Are Most at Risk?

While there are no conclusive personalities that are not at risk from addiction, as it can affect anyone, regardless of class, race, or heritage, research has revealed a strong correlation between a few personality traits and the disease of addiction. The biggest personality that is at risk of addiction is a sensation-seeking one. These can often be adventurous people who have a very natural desire to experience everything that they can. This can be a wonderful personality trait, but also a dangerous one. Oftentimes, the road to experiencing sensations can be paved with dangerous side effects. In the case of our subject, this is especially true of addiction, where an adventurous individual may end up trying certain substances just to “know” the feeling. This can lead to a slippery slope where they become dependent, which can also lead to severe depression, as these types of personalities usually hate dependence.

Conclusive Evidence Is Still Needed

While this research is definitely interesting, it’s important to remember that none of it is conclusive, yet. The real road to addiction is largely paved by circumstance. Any type of personality can find themselves abusing a dangerous substance, depending on certain factors. Rather than fret about these trivialities, instead work to remember that addiction is a health problem, and should be treated like one. If you or anyone you know is suffering from addiction, seek help as soon as you can, so that you can begin the path back to recovery, and fulfilling life.